Analytik Jena multi N/C® Series in New Color Design and with Extended Long-Term Warranty


Jena, Germany, September 5, 2017 — Since the middle of August 2017, Analytik Jena has offered their customers the multi N/C® series not only in a new red/white design but also with a special ten–year warranty for the furnace in combustion-based TOC analyzers, such as the multi N/C® 2100(S), the multi N/C® 3100, and the multi N/C® pharma HT.

For the multi N/C® UV HS and multi N/C® pharma UV, which are UV-based TOC analyzers, Analytik Jena AG has a three-year warranty on the high-power, long-life UV reactor. Together with the continuing ten–year warranty for the Focus-Radiation-NDIR-Detektor®, these unique warranties will contribute greatly to decreasing operating costs.

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