1990  1991: Starting at Zero

Klaus Berka and Jens Adomat founded Analytik Jena as a distribution company for analytical measuring instruments. 
With the commercial register number 27 Analytik Jena was among the first company founders to be established in the final months of the GDR.




1992 – 1995: Start-Up with a Future

New environmental legislation and the catching-up process in laboratory analysis brought about a huge selling market for analytical instruments in Germany's new Federal states. Starting with tentative business premises — partly without telephone — the foundation for own company buildings is laid. Share of the first partner company IDC were acquired and paved the way for own products.


1996 – 1998: Decided for Growth

With the acquisition of Carl Zeiss Jena’s lab analysis technology operations at the end of 1995, products, patents, employees and their know-how are taken over and the foundation for the "Analytical Instrumentation" business unit is laid. Considerable enlargement of production sites and possibility of own analytical systems due to the acquisition of Docter-Optic Eisfeld GmbH 1997, Expansion by a new business segment of optical consumer products (Optics). The basis for "Made in Germany" has been established




1999 – 2000: Growth Euphoria for Shareholders

The company’s legal form is changed from a GmbH into an AG. 
The IPO 2000 generates EUR 24 m cash which secures the further expansion of sales activity and the vigorous advancement of research and development.




2001 – 2004: Innovations conquer New Markets

The continuous expansion of the sales network is the first priority: Eastern and Western Europe, the United States and later particularly Asia, are the emerging markets for AJ. Company acquisitions determine the first years of the new millennium and extend the product portfolio by new business segments. The contrAA® is presented on the market and revolutionizes the Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy.
Analytik Jena has achieved the market breakthrough and is perceived worldwide as a serious player.




2005 – 2008: Analytik Jena in the Fast Lane

Analytik Jena positions itself from a consolidated market position with an own business unit now also on the Life Science market. The strong demand in Asia for Analytik Jena products contributes to the distinct growth of the company. Acquisitions and distinct research and development investments in the Life Science area extend the product portfolio and the sales network in this emerging market.




2009: Expansion of the Group’s family

With the acquisition of CyBio AG and Biometra GmbH, Analytik Jena creates the right conditions for the targeted further development of its business model. The Jena-based CyBio AG focuses explicitly on the high-throughput pharmaceutical market niche. The Göttingen-based Biometra GmbH, which is among the pioneers in the area of PCR technologies, develops and produces innovative products in the areas of thermocycling, electrophoresis, blotting, gel imaging, and hybridization.




2010: 20 Years of Analytik Jena – Company celebrates major anniversary

Analytik Jena AG looks back on two decades of successful corporate development. In the anniversary year, with almost 800 employees and a sales of about EUR 80 million in the current financial year, the company is an internationally operating company and a key economic performer in the Free State of Thuringia.




2012 – 2013: Strategic setting for future growth

The strategy of acquisition and innovation will assume particular importance as a key corporate policy guideline for Analytik Jena’s long-term further development. In connection to this, the Company is not only emphasizing its own innovation management, but is also pursuing the targeted expansion of the portfolio through strategic partnerships, investments, or acquisitions. With the US company UVP, LLC Analytik Jena realizes the largest acquisition in its 23 year history.



2014: Acquisition of Bruker’s ICP-MS Business

2014: Acquisition of Bruker’s ICP-MS Business

One of the most important business acquisitions in the history of Analytik Jena AG has been closed in 2014. With this acquisition, the Company entered the rapidly growing global ICP-MS (Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry) market. Analytik Jena thereby further broadened its atomic spectroscopy portfolio, and is among the few suppliers that offer all three core technologies for elemental trace analysis (AAS, ICP-OES, and ICP-MS).



2015: Analytik Jena AG Expands its Product Range

2015: Analytik Jena AG Expands its Product Range

Only half a year after the acquisition of the ICP-MS business of the Bruker Corporation Analytik Jena introduces two new ICP-MS products (inductively coupled plasma for use in mass spectronomy) PlasmaQuant® MS and PlasmaQuant® MS Elite

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